Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization (1 day)

Digital marketing optimization has become mission critical for internet marketers who wish to compete successfully. From website visitor to closed business, every phase can be optimized to reduce cost, to increase sales, and to boost margins. In this course you will learn the entire process of marketing campaign optimization – from taking a set of offers and a set of customers, along with the characteristics and constraints of the campaign, to determine which offers should go to which customers over which channels at what time. The course focuses more on practical business solutions and operationalization modes rather than on the underlying principles of operations research algorithms.

Course Outline

  • Introduction and optimization fundamentals
  • Typical campaign optimization use cases
  • Business problem formulation
  • Input data prerequisites: data origin and data model
  • Definition of optimization scenarios (objective function, constraints, contact policies, and suppression rules)
  • Tackling infeasible scenarios
  • Assessment and validation of optimized scenarios
  • Operationalization best practices

Who should attend

Marketers, campaign manager, data scientists, statisticians, business analysts, and market researchers who need to get started with marketing optimization techniques and want to make better use of their data.

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