We offer services to turn data into actionable insights and improved performance.

AdvancedAnalytics.Academy is a partner with deep analytical and industry knowledge, and the broadest range of capabilities. A partner who brings you new and innovative ideas and who is able to create actionable insights from your data every day.
With expertise in more than 30 industries and one of the best analytical consulting talents in the world, AdvancedAnalytics.Academy is that partner.
We are proud to offer a unique team of experienced senior information technology and data science experts. All have extensive experience in machine learning, big data and implementations of data driven strategies.

We offer the following coaching and consulting services:

Advanced Analytics & Data Science
  • Analytics
  • Analytics Project Management
  • Analytics Tool Evaluations
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design & Re-Engineering of Analytical Processes
  • Machine Learning
  • Model Training
  • Model Assessment
  • Model Deployment
  • Integration of machine learning processes
  • Real-time model training and scoring for any predictive algorithm
  • Best-practice set-ups for machine learning processes
Feature Engineering
  • Design of Data Structures for Predictive Modeling
  • Batch and Real-time Data Integration for Analytics
  • Data-driven handling of Exceptions & Extremes
  • Integrated Sampling Methods
  • Dynamic & Automated Creation of Target Variables
Big Data
  • Big Data Platform Strategy
  • Conceptual Design of Big Data infrastructures
  • Set Up & Installation Support