Prove that you have a deep analytical understanding

AdvancedAnalytics.Academy’s certification programs are designed to meet the needs of analysts, data scientists, computer scientists and managers in achieving their desired career goals. Our certification programs provide a strong foundation of skills and knowledge required for succeeding in the respective disciplines. Set yourself apart from others and prove that you have a deep analytical understanding to make a difference within your organization.

Certification programs are available for the following training courses:

  • Advanced Analytics Methodologies (AAM)
  • Introduction to Big Data (IBD)

Advanced Analytics Trainings
  • Feature Engineering for Data Science (FEDS)
  • Supervised Learning Techniques (SLT)
  • Unsupervised Learning Techniques (ULT)
  • Network Analytics (NA)
  • Image Processing (IP)

Use Cases & Solutions
  • IoT Analytics (IOTA)
  • Aviation Analytics (AA)
  • Customer Segmentation Techniques (CST)
  • Uplift Modeling (UM)
  • Campaign Optimization (CO)

Data Science Programming
  • Getting started with R (GSWR)
  • Getting started with Python (GSWP)
  • Getting started with SAS (GSWS)
  • Getting started with Spark MLLib (GSWSP)

Partner Trainings
  • KNIME User Training (KUT)
  • KNIME Text Mining Training (KTMT)
  • KNIME Spark Executor Training (KSET)