About AdvancedAnalytics.Academy

Founded in 2015 with a notion that the world’s flow of computable information — just then starting to intensify — was going to be the oil of the 21st century, AdvancedAnalytics.Academy is a leader in Big Data analytics and data science training services. We serve many of the world’s leading companies and are committed to applying science and technology in ways that help our clients solve their most complex challenges.

Today, we focus on helping companies turn their customers’ experiences into actionable signals that foster better relationships. With our market-leading training service offerings we help organizations anticipate future behaviors and execute new strategies at scale, across their entire customer base.

We understand that Big Data enables game-changing business opportunities that require a completely new approach to data management and business analytics. Rather than wrangling with “bigger data”, AdvancedAnalytics.Academy is focused on the extraction and use of insights buried within the data. These insights are the patterns and correlations that carry useful information about events, customers, systems, and interactions.

With our educational services employees can now manage and deploy models and its embedded insights throughout the enterprise, to deliver data science solutions that are better, faster, and cheaper. We transfer our analytical experience directly to business users across a variety of industries and business domains.