Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals

Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals (1 day)

The utilization of Artificial Antelligence (AI) has already arrived in everyday life. AI methods are already used in practice today - often even unnoticed. Thanks to AI, operational processes are optimized, machines and systems are supervised, and new business models are established.

Across all industries organizations are therefore facing the challenge of harnessing the benefits of AI for themselves and building up the corresponding competencies. In the near future, the influences that AI has on individual jobs will increase. It can be assumed that there will hardly be any work areas that will not come into contact with AI.

Participants will gain knowledge of how AI systems work, their limitations and their current fields of application, as well as the challenges in developing AI-driven applications. Technical terms will also be discussed.

The training provides an overview of the diverse opportunities that AI already offers today. Participants will be encouraged to deal with the relevant application options of AI methods in their own organization and to evaluate possible AI solutions to drive forward their own AI projects for the benefit of the organization.

Course Outline

Basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Definition and clarification of important technical terms
  • Components and functionality of AI
  • Potentials and challenges
  • Ethical and technological limits of AI
  • IT security and data protection
Areas of application based on real world examples
  • Digitized processes
  • New data-driven business models
  • AI applications
AI in future work environments
  • AI application areas in organizations
  • New and changed job roles, work areas and requirements due to AI impact
  • AI-supported processes among employees and customers

Who should attend

Future Data Scientists, statisticians, business analysts, market researchers, and information technology professionals who need to get started with Artificial Intelligence and want to make better use of their data. Managers and Executives who want to embed analytics into their operating model and maximize data-driven business results at scale.

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