Process Mining & Value Stream Mapping

Process Mining & Value Stream Mapping (2 days)

Process Mining is a data-driven technique that enables manufacturers to analyze process data (e.g. from PLCs) to discover, monitor, and improve manufacturing processes. It provides insights into process performance, bottlenecks, variations, and compliance issues, enabling organizations to optimize their processes and drive continuous improvement.

Value Stream Mapping is a standardized method used in the Lean Management philosophy to identify and eliminate waste. A value stream contains all the actions (both value-creating and non value-creating) required to create a product from raw material to finished product across a wide range of manufacturing stages.

By combining value stream mapping with process mining techniques, manufacturers can gain a comprehensive understanding of their processes, validate their value stream maps with real data, identify process variations and bottlenecks, conduct root cause analysis, and continuously improve their processes based on actual data. This integrated approach enables manufacturers to achieve higher process efficiency, reduce costs, enhance quality, and improve overall operational performance.

In this course you will get an introduction into evidence-based business process management based on process mining to create a common ground for business process improvement. By combining value stream mapping with process mining techniques you will learn how to use advanced process discovery techniques without using any a-priori process information to create a process model and a corresponding current state map – a data-driven approach to identify types of waste and improvement opportunities. You will be able to compare an existing process model / current state map with an event log of the same process to check conformance and to quantify process variations.

The theoretical topics of the training will be intensified by hands-on exercises, based on real-world IIoT event logs. By default, all exercises are performed with Python.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Process Mining
  • Data Sources and Event Logs
  • Introduction to Process Modeling (Petri Nets, BPMN, Process Trees)
  • Introduction to Value Stream Mapping
  • Identification and assignment of value-adding and non-value-adding activities
  • Process Discovery and analysis of the actual value stream (process visualization, process performance, process performance, lead time, and other process metrics)
  • Identification of types of waste and improvement opportunities
  • Development of the target value stream
  • Conformance Checking: monitor and quantify process variations, exceptions, and deviations

Who should attend

Managers of production plants, production planning, and production operations. Data Scientists who want to apply their capabilities into practice in the field of process mining and value stream mapping. Manufacturing Engineers who want to understand the benefits of data-driven process mining and value stream mapping in manufacturing processes. Consultants whose objective is to put additional value on the latest innovative technology in the smart factory sector.

What you need to succeed

Basic programming skills in Python (e.g. our training courses Python for Smart Factory Analytics or Getting started with Python).

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