Process Mining Fundamentals

Process Mining Fundamentals (2 days)

Process mining bridges the gap between data science and business process management and helps to close the classical divide between Business & IT departments. In this course you will get an introduction into evidence-based business process management based on process mining to create a common ground for business process improvement and information systems development. You will learn to understand the nature of event logs, use advanced process discovery techniques without using any a-priori process information, compare an existing process model with an event log of the same process to check conformance, and improve an existing a-priori process model using information about the actual process recorded in an event log.

The theoretical topics of the training will be intensified by hands-on exercises, based on real-world event logs. By default, all exercises are performed with Python (if you prefer another programming language, you are welcome to contact us).

Course Outline

  • Process Mining and the Internet of Events
  • Data Sources and Event Logs
  • Introduction to Process Modeling (Petri Nets, BPMN, Process Trees)
  • Process Discovery (Process Metrics and Process Visualization)
  • Conformance Checking
  • From knowledge discovery to online process monitoring

Who should attend

Data Scientists, statisticians, business analysts, and information technology professionals who need to get started with Process Mining and want to make better use of their event & process data. Managers and Executives who want to embed process mining into their operating model and maximize data-driven business results at scale.

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