Data Scientist (TÜV®)

Data Scientist TÜV® (10 days)

Unlock the Boundless Potential of Data Science: From optimizing traffic routes in the transportation industry to predicting expected peak electricity demands for both providers and consumers, and even tailoring personalized medication and therapy plans in patient care – the applications of Data Science are vast and transformative. Specialized Data Scientists play a pivotal role in establishing informed decision-making by extracting structured data from often massive, unstructured datasets. They meticulously analyze this information, interpreting identified patterns in alignment with the company's objectives – even extending their insights into the future. Algorithms enable the determination of potential future impacts of specific changes.

Our seminar provides participants with a comprehensive introduction to the Python programming language, a fundamental tool for future data analysis endeavors. Participants gain insights into the criteria for data selection and the essential data sources required for examination. The course covers the methodology and use of tools for data analysis and structuring, along with practical discussions on optimal timeframes for data aggregation and evaluation of identified patterns.

Concrete use cases and numerous in-depth exercises throughout the course ensure the seamless application of newly acquired knowledge in real-world scenarios. Participants will be empowered to collect, process, and leverage data according to the company's needs, establishing a foundation for making strategic business decisions. Elevate your skills and make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward with our Data Scientist Course.

Your benefit

  • Acquire expertise to competently analyze and utilize gathered data.
  • Gain the competence to successfully prepare efficient data-driven decisions.
  • Document your knowledge in Data Science with an internationally recognized personal certificate.

Who should attend

For aspiring and current Data Scientists, Statisticians, Business Analysts, Engineers, Mathematicians, and IT experts who:

  • Seek to acquire or expand their knowledge in data analysis for better comprehension and more efficient handling of evaluations.
  • Aim to establish and operate data- and algorithm-driven processes within their organizations.
  • Wish to harness the potential of data through the application of Machine Learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Strive to embed data- and algorithm-driven process automations, facilitating the implementation of digital decisions on a large scale within their company.

Seminar Overview

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Examination Module for Attaining Personal Certification

  • Online final examination utilizing multiple-choice methodology
  • Project assignment for obtaining personal certification


We offer this training in cooperation with our partner TÜV Thüringen Akademie GmbH.

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