Python for Smart Factory Analytics

Python for Smart Factory Analytics (1 day)

Python has gathered a lot of interest recently as a choice of language for data analysis. This introduction course provides the fundamentals of the Python programming language for the AAA Smart Factory training series, that come with hands-on exercises (Predictive Maintenance, AI-based Quality Control, Process Mining & Value Stream Mapping, AIoT – DSP meets AI). It covers all you need to know to get started with Python quickly and easily.

You will learn how to use Python software to read data, access, manage and manipulate data, solve problems, save programs and data, use conditional logic, combine files, produce tables and listings of data, and use data analysis techniques.

All topics will be intensified by hands-on exercises.

Course Outline

  • Getting started & introduction to Python
  • Data Management with Pandas
  • Data types
  • Importing, reading and writing of data
  • Indexing, filtering and assigning
  • Summary functions
  • Grouping and sorting
  • Missing value treatment
  • Combining, wrangling, integration and renaming of data
  • Working with date, time and datetime datatypes
  • Data Visualization with Matplotlib & Seaborn
  • Introduction to Machine Learning Techniques with scikit-learn

Who should attend

Participants of the Smart Factory training series who do not have any Python skills yet. Managers of production plants, production planning, and production operations. Manufacturing Engineers who want to understand the benefits of data analytics in manufacturing processes. Consultants whose objective is to put additional value on the latest innovative technology in the smart factory sector.

What you need to succeed

No prior knowledge required.

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