IoT Analytics

IoT Analytics (1 day)

Sensors, machine-to-machine, and network data will play a leading role in analytics as the Internet of Things becomes a reality. In this course you will get an introduction to the most important methodologies, algorithms and ideas in IoT Analytics. You will learn to access sensor-based data sources, understand the fundamentals of digital signal processing, realize the importance of smart feature engineering, and use advanced methodologies to uncover underlying patterns or concepts contained in IoT data streams. All exercises are based on real-world IoT datasets.

  • IoT fundamentals
  • Sensor data acquisition
  • Introduction to digital signal processing
  • Feature engineering
  • Machine Learning fundamentals
  • Model training, assessment, and comparison
  • Model deployment
  • IoT Analytics – applications and use cases

Who should attend

Data Scientists, signal processing engineers, statisticians, mathematicians, computer scientist and information technology professionals who need to get started with IoT Analytics and want to make better use of their data.

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