KNIME Spark Executor Training

KNIME Spark Executor Training (1 day)

Apache Spark has emerged as the next generation big data processing engine, and is being applied throughout the industry faster than ever. Compared to Hadoop’s MapReduce it is much faster, much easier to use due to its rich APIs, and goes far beyond batch applications to support a variety of workloads, including interactive queries, streaming, machine learning, and graph processing. This User Training introduces the KNIME Spark Executor nodes that allow you to create and execute Spark applications without any programming. The course provides supervised experience with all the common tasks you will face in your future big data analytics work all from within the KNIME Analytics Platform.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Data Analysis with Spark
  • Interaction KNIME & Spark
  • Data acquisition & importing data from Hadoop
  • In-database processing with Hadoop
  • Data processing with Spark
  • MLlib Machine Learning with Spark
  • Model exchange and PMML
  • Exporting data to KNIME/Hadoop

Who should attend

Data Scientists, statisticians, business analysts, market researchers, and information technology professionals who want to get started with KNIME’s Spark Executor Nodes and need to make better use of their data.

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