Dr Rosaria Silipo

Dr Rosaria Silipo holds a master degree in electrical engineering from the University of Florence (Italy, 1992) and a doctorate title in bioengineering from the Politecnico di Milano (Italy, 1996). The doctorate work dealt with statistical and machine learning algorithms for the automatic analysis of the electrocardiographic signal and was developed at the University of Florence (Italy) in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).
She has been awarded two postdoctoral fellowships: one at Siemens (Munich, Germany, 1996-1997) and one at ICSI at the University of Berkeley (USA, 1997-2000) for the automatic analysis of biomedical signals and speech.

In 2000 she moved into the corporate world as a research engineer at Nuance (Menlo Park, USA, 2000-2002); as a senior developer at Spoken Translation (Berkeley, USA, 2002-2007); and as the manager of the SAS development group at Viseca (Zurich, Switzerland, 2007-2009).

Strong of the extensive experience acquired over the past years in applying data mining algorithms to industrial products, in 2009 she became a data mining consultant, helping companies to organize, clean, and finally make sense out of their data. From time to time she cooperates with KNIME in the development of cutting edge data mining applications.
Rosaria Silipo is the author of more than 50 scientific publications and of 3 books for data analysis practitioners.