Ismail Parsa

Ismail is currently working as Head of Data Science for, the Turkish ecommerce leader. As a recognized data science and predictive analytics professional with international experience he is highly skilled when it comes to fitting advanced machine learning solutions to large scale targeting and segmentation problems. He is laser-focused on automation, delivery, systems implementation, testing and measurement, incremental improvements and end-user support.

Prior to Ismail worked at in Seattle as senior research scientist for 5 years. During this time he focused on traffic analytics and was responsible for increasing traffic channel targeting effectiveness. He established a machine learning based predictive targeting approach for improved response rates and reduced opt-out rates of Amazon Kindle emails.

Another important career milestone was Microsoft where he worked for more than 4 years as an applied principal researcher for the Machine Learning Group, the Data Mining Group and the AdLabs. Prior to Microsoft Ismail worked in different analytical positions at Citigroup, Epsilon and SAS.

Ismail has a Master of Science in Economics from the George Mason University and holds several patents in machine learning.