Henning Sartor

Henning is a founding member of AI.Associates and a big data orchestration and business intelligence enthusiast with more than 15 years of work experience. He is an expert in the fields of applying data warehousing & performance optimization techniques, data blending routines, and data visualization methods across different industries like telecommunication, financial industries, ecommerce, travel, automotive and manufacturing. 

As head of the SAS Business Intelligence team at DYMATRIX CONSULTING GROUP GmbH for over 10 years, he managed all the Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Campaign Management data pipelines - especially setup & operationalization issues to establish analytics-driven embedded systems.

Prior to DYMATRIX, Henning worked as a Senior Consultant for the Data Integration and Business Intelligence Excellence Team at SAS Institute, Germany. Henning holds a Master in Business Administration from the Saarland University (UDS).